Sugar Coating

Front View of Sugar

After we got Sugar last year, we did some quick little fixes here and there. Removed the rear metal bumper, re-built the entire door, and re-built the dinette table. We just didn’t have the time to dedicate all of our free time (What is ‘free time’? We have kids.) to fixing Sugar up right after we bought her.

The new year came along and we decided we had to get her ready to roll (or park, that is) for the next rally.

First off, we had to decide on a color scheme. I’m partial to red or plaids but my husband was afraid to have too much red on the trailer. He knows that I can’t just go small….everything would be crimson. So, we decided to do a turquoise and red scheme throughout Sugar. With the exterior paint job to come, we hope to do white and turquoise and adding red to the Shasta zig-zag. Compromise!

Credit: Sherwin-Williams

Once the colors were chosen, we were out the gate running. I started searching antique shops, Etsy, and Ebay for vintage red or turquoise kitchenware. My credit card was seeing red!

Pinterest is giving me life:

Plaid Goals:

Meanwhile, my husband ordered a gorgeous red, white, and black awning for side of trailer from Marti’s Trailer Awnings. Also, we got rear and front window awnings. Her work is top-notch and was a breeze to work with. Highly recommend!

Fabric Choice: Pompadour Red, Scalloped on leading edge only


Everything, like bedding and fabric for curtains, has been falling into place now that we have picked our colors.

Countertops were next on the list. Did we go for a solid or pattern? Red or blue? Stay tuned.

Too much?

Do you like the turquoise and red color scheme?

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