La La Laminate

formica ad
Formica Frenzy (Note: Must add jumpsuit to closet)

After we decided on our colors for Sugar, we had to figure out if the countertops (Kitchen and dinette) should be turquoise or red. As usual, I pushed for red but my husband wasn’t having it. Red with the wood cabinets would be too much. Fine. Let’s look at blue laminates. *Sigh*

If you haven’t already, be sure to visit Retro Renovation. It’s a wonderful source for mid-century decorating. I found THIS article about kitchen laminates, where to find them, and tips. So helpful!! The world of laminate can be quite the whirlwind.

Be sure to order samples, it’s worth the small expense. So many colors looked different in real life compared to on our computer screen. Also, having the sample (the final one) makes it easy to shop for fabric and other accessories later on in the trailer restoration.

It was tough to find the right design. Do we get the fan-favorite boomerang or maybe the crackle? Atomic starbursts? Finally, after staring at all of our samples for several weeks, we came to a decision, Wilsonart Country Club Houndstooth:

Wilsonart Country Club Houndstooth – Y0088

I think it’s perfect for Sugar. What do you think?

We found a local dealer for WilsonArt, placed our order, and then picked it up. It was even better in person. A nice, vibrant turquoise. Glad I was talked out of the red countertops.

Now let’s install it! Using contact cement on the back of the laminate and the plywood was tricky but my husband did a wonderful job.

The original (as far as I know) countertop.
Not too shabby of condition (for its age) but ready for a color change.
Removed oven (getting a paint job) to place laminate underneath.
New laminate for under the oven.
Kitchen countertop complete!
Just need a sink! There were (3) faucets connected to this sink but just replaced one.

The dining room table counter was replaced at the same time. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of that restoration. My husband had to re-build the table since it was a bit wobbly. I’ll take some finished photos of it soon.

Check another project of that long Honey Sugar Do List.

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